Do you have a favorite fantasy book or movie?

I love fantasy fiction books because they are the perfect escape into magical worlds. Magical creatures? Fantastical adventures? Yes, please! But I also love it when the characters have some sort of superpower!

While most of us can’t fly, read minds, become invisible or walk through walls, I really do think we ALL have our very own superpower. These are the things that make us unique, and they’re totally worth celebrating. (You can read more about my thoughts on celebrating your differences right here!)

When you get to know your secret superpower, you can lean into it and make it even stronger! And when you lean into what you do best, it can open up lots of cool new opportunities and experiences. So while you may not have supernatural powers like the kids in The Vork Chronicles, this fun quiz will help you find out what YOUR superpower is. Take the quiz below, then come say hi on my Instagram and let me know what you got!

QUIZ: What’s Your Superpower? Find Out Here!

What’s Your Superpower?

1. It’s a rainy day outside and you’re stuck at home with nothing to do! How do you fill your time? Ask your parents if there’s anything you can help with around the house, or take your dog for a nice long walk!

a. Open a book or hop on the Internet and learn how to do something new!

b. Time to have some fun. You decide to prank call some of your close friends or play a joke on your sibling!

c. Write a note for someone you know that’s been sick, or play with your younger sibling – just because you know they’ll love it!

d. Start planning a super fun get together for you and your friends next weekend.

2. If you had to pick a favorite class in school, which one would you choose?

a. Home Economics

b. Math or Science

c. Gym or Study Hall

d. Foreign Language

e. History

3. Let’s talk about careers! Which of these jobs sounds like the most fun to you?

a. A doctor or veterinarian

b. A teacher

c. Entertainer – Being an actor, comedian, etc.

d. A counselor, psychologist, or social worker

e. CEO of a big company or even President!

4. If you could have one superhuman skill, which one would you choose?

a. Strength – so you can save other people when they’re in danger!

b. Knowledge- you can find out anything you set your mind to!

c. Becoming invisible – so you can hide and do silly things without other people noticing!

d. Being able to read minds – so you always know what other people are thinking

e Speed – you can get things done in record time!

5. Guess what? You can travel anywhere in the world for ONE day! Where do you decide to go?

a. Paris – I want to check out the city of love and see the Eiffel Tower!

b. Egypt – I want to see the old pyramids and all the cool ancient history.

c. Disney World – To be around all my favorite characters and have lots of fun, of course.

d. Anywhere that I could help people who are less fortunate than me!

e. New York City – The excitement, the energy and people everywhere sounds great to me.

6. There’s a brand new kid at your school that doesn’t know anyone yet. What do you do to help them fit in?

a. Offer to let them sit with you and your friends at lunch.

b. Give them some advice on clubs and sports to get involved in to meet other people.

c. Try to make them smile or laugh anytime you can!

d. Tell them about when YOU were new at the school, and let them know anytime they need to talk you will listen.

e. Tell everyone you know to be nice to the new kid, and encourage them to invite him/her places when they can.

7. You just read a GREAT new book. What are you most likely to do after reading it?

a. Let someone else borrow your copy!

b. Write down your favorite quotes in your journal.

c. Watch the movie if there is one, followed up by allll the bloopers.

d. Choose your favorite character from the book and write a fan fiction piece about them!

e. Have a conversation with someone you know about your thoughts/what you learned from the book.

8. It’s your birthday! What are you going to do to celebrate?

a. Round up some friends to volunteer somewhere together – then go grab pizza after.

b. Head to your favorite book store and pick out a stack of new books and journals to dive into!

c. Go see a funny movie, or two!

d. Have a sleepover with your best friends and talk about what’s going on in their lives.

e. Plan a fun day full of activities for your family or friends!

Mostly A’s: Kindness

You have a kind, soft heart that is always looking out for the good of other people! It’s important to you to show kindness in everything you do, and that’s why other people love to be around you. When kindness is your superpower, that means you have a gift for serving and helping people. It also means you probably receive a lot of kindness in return! Don’t ever lose this awesome superpower. It will take you far in life. 

Mostly B’s: Wisdom

You definitely have some major smarts, and not just book smarts. Congratulations – wisdom is your superpower! I’m willing to bet your friends and family probably look to you when they need advice or ideas on what to do. When wisdom is your superpower, that also means you have life smarts that will help you to make wise decisions. And if you keep on using this superpower, it will only get strong as you get older! 

Mostly C’s: Humor

This is one of my personal favorite super powers. If you got mostly C’s you’re really good at making other people laugh! Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. And that’s especially true when you know how to use it to help other people feel better and get through hard things. While it’s not always the right time or place for humor, it will definitely be welcome in a lot of situations. Just read the room before you tell a funny joke, and watch people smile!

Mostly D’s: Empathy

Empathy might seem similar to kindness, but it definitely has its own super flair to it! Having empathy means you have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. You can look outside yourself and into someone else’s life and picture what they’re going through. This helps you relate better to other people and let them know that you’re on their side.

Empathetic people make the best kinds of friends because you know they’ll always be there to support you!

Mostly E’s: Leadership

Have you ever had a friend who always makes the plans, tells everyone what’s going on, and is the first to try out all the coolest new stuff? That person might be YOU. Your superpower is leadership, which means you always do a great job leading the pack. Whenever other people feel lost or are looking for a direction, there’s a good chance they look to you to help them out. Leadership is a great skill to have in school, when you’re on a team, and for the rest of your life as you follow your goals and dreams!

So, now that you took the quiz – what’s your superpower? Why not have a few of your friends take the quiz and find out what theirs is too? Then, come on over to Instagram and share with me your thoughts. I’d love to hear them!