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Welcome to Superhero School, Book One of the Vork Chronicles

Welcome to Superhero School! Join Oliver, Jess, and all their friends on a mission to destroy the power-hungry, evil villains of Vork. From subterranean sewers to lush jungle, from dinosaurs to dragons, our heroes will be pushed to their limits in ways they’d never imagined.

Will their collective Powers—Flight, Morphing, Invisibility, Mind Reading, and more—be enough for them to overcome the malevolence of Vork? Or will they stumble over their own doubts and painful histories? This action-packed journey of friendship, hardship, and humor will take our heroes to thrilling new heights and a deeper understanding of their own place in the world. But will that be enough—or will Vork always be one step ahead?
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Journey to Superhero School, An Oliver & Jessica Prequel to The Vork Chronicles

When twins Jessica and Oliver Fletcher discover their Super Powers at age 4, the family realizes their lives will never be the same again. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher work hard to raise this dynamic pair, helping them try to fit in while learning to use their Powers to better themselves and the world around them. School is a special challenge for these students who must not reveal their Powers—until their mother receives a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night. While Jessica and Oliver face a variety of challenges—from battling living-room décor, to daring rescues, to bungling doctors—they get through it all with family support, love for each other, and their own unique brand of sibling sarcasm. This is only the beginning of their adventures, so join the Fletcher twins on their Journey to Superhero School.

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$1 from each Welcome to Superhero Book sold, totaling up to $10,000, will be donated to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International. 100% of this donation will go directly towards advancing the safety and well-being of animals.