Gratitude is important. It’s always important to remember everything that others have done for you, and also everything you have done for yourself. I have so much to be grateful for … my family, my dogs, my friends, and my fans. People practice gratitude in lots of ways! A few I like are prayer, journaling, and thanking others. Spending time with my family and friends also makes me grateful for my relationships. I used to take everything I have in life for granted – my family, my friends, my school. But gratitude has the power to change your perspective.

Now when I’m upset, I’ve learned to pause and say to myself 3 things that I’m grateful for. Doing that puts me back into the present instead of worrying about the future or the past. Gratitude takes the weight off my shoulders and helps me feel like myself again. Focusing on the good in my life makes me feel warm and safe. It lets me embrace how I feel. Instead of dwelling, feeling upset, or pitying myself, I’ve learned to be grateful for my feelings. Recognizing them and then shifting my focus makes me stronger and helps me move forward.

how to practice gratitude

Whenever you’re feeling hopeless, look around. You can find gratitude in even the smallest of things.

It’s okay to sometimes feel sorry for yourself. Everyone does! Just don’t forget the things that matter most and all the gifts you have. Gratitude can be found in many ways, in many places, and in many people. Most importantly, gratitude is found within yourself. This means that when you are practicing gratitude, you are also practicing self-respect and love. That’s something I have struggled with, but focusing on the things I have to be grateful for has helped me to get better.

Now it’s your turn!

This Thanksgiving, I want to encourage you to practice gratitude. Thank someone who isn’t expecting it. Compliment a stranger. Write down three things you are grateful for, and really enjoy time with family or friends.

You can also try this fun family Thanksgiving tradition from our family. We go around the table and tell everyone things we are grateful for. Someone always cries and it is really meaningful. I’ve made these fun printables you can put at your table to start this tradition too!

And as a bonus, I’ve also included a FREE Thanksgiving letter that you can customize for your loved ones. Why not print a few out and send a note through snail mail to your family and friends?

And be sure to tag me on my Instagram if you use either of these. I can’t wait to see them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratefully yours,