Happy November, everyone!

It can sometimes feel like November and the Thanksgiving season are overlooked as everyone gets into the Christmas spirit. We go from costumes and candy to Christmas trees and wish lists in no time. But I would argue that Thanksgiving is actually another most wonderful time of the year!

Thanksgiving traditions can be so much more than just watching a parade and eating until you never want to move again. This holiday is all about thankfulness, kindness, and showing love to our family and friends. And for those reasons, I think it should be celebrated even more! This month I’m sharing five great ideas to make this year’s Thanksgiving one to remember with new Thanksgiving traditions. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a brand new tradition to start with your family and friends!

1. Volunteer your time

Instead of making this holiday all about you, why not take the time to serve someone less fortunate? There are lots of organizations that run special events for those who are in need during the holiday season. Do a quick online search to check for them in your area! Whether it’s serving at a soup kitchen, hosting a coat drive, or visiting the sick and elderly, one of the best ways to cultivate gratefulness is by helping someone else.

2. Add a little fun to your festivities

Don’t let the Thanksgiving goodness stop at the dinner table! Why not introduce a new tradition with your family and friends that revolves around fun? Every year you could do a movie marathon or have a game night together after your meal. It gives everyone that little extra something to look forward to each year. 

3. Try something new in your Thanksgiving spread

Do you get tired of the same old Thanksgiving meal that your mom cooks every year? Then maybe it’s time to get involved! Cooking is a great way to learn a new skill and let your creativity shine! Look through Pinterest or old cookbooks and find a dish that you can prepare and contribute to the Thanksgiving meal. You never know, it might turn out delicious and become a new family favorite! 

4. Find creative ways to say ‘Thank You’

So we know that Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time where we think about all the things and people we’re thankful for. But what if there was an additional way we could show our thanks? I love the idea of writing thank you cards each Thanksgiving. This could be something you do on Thanksgiving day with your family or a few friends. Write a letter to 1-2 people who you are thankful for and tell them why. Then actually, give it to them! What an awesome way to spread a little love and cheer, right?

5. Make an annual Thanksgiving craft

It’s no secret that I love all things creative and crafting! And how cool would it be to have a craft that brings back your favorite holiday memories from each and every year? You can find really cool craft ideas all over the Internet, but here are some great places to get started.  

Fave Crafts | Country Living | Morning Chores | Mother Nature Network | Better Homes & Gardens

Fun Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Start This Year

Which of these Thanksgiving traditions are your favorites? Let me know this week on Facebook or Instagram!

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Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!