It’s October, which means it is almost time for one of my favorite holidays – Halloween! 

I love Halloween. It’s not the candy or the door-to-door that makes Halloween so special for me, even though those are fun! It’s more of the fact that I get to hang out with my friends. I get to laugh, talk, share great moments and make great memories that will last forever. 

Even if you feel you are too old for Halloween and Trick or Treating, there are still so many things you can do at this time of year! You can hang out with your friends, carve pumpkins, make pumpkin bread and other fall recipes, watch scary movies with your friends, do Halloween arts and crafts, hand out candy to trick or treaters (and eat most of the bowl!) or host a Halloween party. You can also read a really good spooky middle-grade book. I made a whole list of them right here!

But one of my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween?

By getting my pets involved too! As I mentioned before in my About Me, I have two dogs at home and I love them both so much! I love to dress them up, and Snowball loves being in costume! That’s probably because I’ve been dressing him up ever since I was little!

Amazing Pet Halloween Costumes You Have To See
Amazing Pet Halloween Costumes You Have To See

Pet Halloween costumes are a lot of fun! They look really cute. It’s fun to watch your pet walk around in a costume, or to watch them try to shake the costume off if they don’t like it. Snowball will wear a costume for hours, but Sandy is more particular!

It’s fun to take pictures of you and your pets in your costumes and look back on it months and years later and laugh about it.

Amazing Pet Halloween Costumes You Have To See
Amazing Pet Halloween Costumes You Have To See

Do you have a pet you’d love some Halloween costume ideas for? Or do you just love looking at pictures of pets in costume? Here are some of my favorite ideas from around the web. Which ones are your favorite? Drop me a line on Facebook or Instagram and let me know!

1. Hot dog costumes

There’s definitely something hilarious about a wiener dog dressed as a hot dog, isn’t it? But no matter what kind of dog you have, this costume is definitely a whole lot of fun, and pretty easy to make at home too! This hot dog costume was one of Snowball’s favorites! He wore it this weekend to a Dog ‘Pawty’ and he was a huge hit. You can check out the tutorial right here.

Image source: DIY Network
Amazing Pet Halloween Costumes You Have To See
Snowball in his costume!
Image source: Bed Bath & Beyond

2. Lion costumes

You can make your pet Halloween costumes a little more Lion King-inspired with one of these awesome lion costumes! (There are lots of them on websites like Amazon.) I absolutely love this idea, and we bought one of these for Sandy but she did NOT approve. It looked amazing on her gorgeous Goldendoodle fur, but she wouldn’t hold still for a picture!

Image source: Mr. Cute Animals
Image source:
Image source: Pinterest

3. Stuffed animal costumes

If you have a smaller dog, this idea is so fun and super easy! Find an old stuffed animal that you are attached to anymore, and follow this tutorial to turn it into a pet Halloween costume! Pretty cool if you ask me!

Image Source: Women’s Day
Image Source: Make

4. Get inspired by your favorite book

You guys know that I LOVE books. So the idea of making Halloween costumes about my favorite book characters sounds like a dream! This Harry Potter-inspired dog costume is pretty amazing. Check out some of the other great character ideas you can find online as well!

Image source: The Spruce Crafts
Image source: DIY & Crafts
Image Source: Book Riot
Image Source: Buzzfeed

5. Celebrate how SUPER your pet is!

Speaking of favorite books, I was inspired by my upcoming book Welcome to Superhero School to search for superhero animal costumes. Your pet loves you with all its little heart, so celebrate how super your pet is by dressing him or her up! Sandy LOVES this superhero costume and would wear it all day long! Here’s some other great superhero inspiration as well.

Amazing Pet Halloween Costumes You Have To See
Here’s Sandy dressed as Wonder Woman!
Image Source: Guff
Image Source: Costume Works
Image source: Cuteness

Aren’t those all such fun pet Halloween costumes? Maybe they’ll even inspire you this year. I hope you (and your pet) have the best Halloween ever!